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Frequently Asked Question 常见疑问

谁可以申请?Who can apply?

Malaysian Chinese citizens ranging from 18 to 45 years old.

此电子商务贷款用途是否有限制? Is there any limit to the usage of this E-commerce Micro Loan?

This fund to be used for expansion of online business or for start-up for a new online business.

电子商务贷款宽限若干?What is the repayment period?

– RM5,000 还款期限为2年, 每个月摊还RM225
– RM10,000 还款期限为3年, 每个月摊还RM315
– RM15,000 还款期限为4年, 每个月摊还RM365
– RM20,000 还款期限为5年, 每个月摊还RM400
– RM25,000 还款期限为5年, 每个月摊还RM500
– RM30,000 还款期限为6年, 每个月摊还RM520
– RM5,000, the repayment period is 2 years, monthly installment is RM225.
– RM10,000, the repayment period is 3 years, monthly installment of RM315.
– RM15,000, the repayment period is 4 years, monthly installment of RM365.
– RM20,000, the repayment period is 5 years, monthly installment of RM400.
– RM25,000, the repayment period is 5 years, monthly installment of RM500.
– RM30,000, the repayment period is 6 years, monthly installment of RM520.

贷款利息? Is there any interest involved?

Yes, flat interest rate of 4% per annum is imposed.

担保人资? What are the qualifications of guarantors?

All guarantors to preferably be immediate or blood-related family members of the applicants.

若我们是合股生意,可否各别同时申请贷款? If we are joint-business owners, can we apply for individual loans?

Yes. Loans are issued for individual applicants.

申请时需要给什么文件? What are the Application Procedures?

  1. 申请者与担保人的身份证副本.
  2. 申请者与担保人的照片各一张.
  3. 最新住处水费和电费单(不必是申请者的名)副本
  4. 扩充生意者,附上商业注册(SSM)、网页资料、面子书、微信、 Instagram或其它。
  5. 如是创业者(未开始做生意),呈上一份计划书(可以华文书写)
  6. 申请者最近3个月薪水单及担保人最新的EPF资料。
  7. Form J / Form BE / Form B 副本,(如能提供)。
  8. 最新3个月之银行月结单。
  9. 发票副本,(如能提供)。
  1. Please submit a copy of all the document mentioned below:
  2. Identification Card of the applicant and her guarantor.
  3. Photograph or the applicant and her guarantor.
  4. A recent copy of the applicant’s home electricity bill and water bill.
  5. A copy of the applicant’s business registration certificate, Webpage Info. Facebook, We Chat, Instagram & etc. (for business expansions) or
  6. A copy of proposal (for new online business)
  7. Latest 3 months’ salary on applicant and guarantor and later EPF statement.
  8. A copy of the form J / form BE / form B, if applicable.
  9. Later 3 Months bank statement.
  10. A copy of the invoice, if applicable

(Upon approval the applicants are required to sign the agreement and the guarantors are required to sign the letter of guarantee.)

申请者以被列入“黑名单”还能申请吗? Can those applicants ``blacklisted`` still apply for loans?

No. All those who have breached the law or are declared bankrupt are not allowed to apply. However, on a case to case basis, those with unpaid credit may be considered depending on the merits of each case.

申请过程费时多久? How long will the application process take?

It depends on the case.

在那里可领取表格? Where can applicants get the application form?

Applicants can get the application form from MCWEF office or download from

在还清贷款后,是否可以再重新申请贷款?Once applicants managed to pay off their loan, can they re-apply?

Yes, provided clients maintained good payment record.