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Application Procedures 申请程序

1. 清楚填妥申请表格内所有资料

  • 申请者: 马来西亚华裔公民,年龄介于18-45岁。
  • 住家地址(现在所住的家)
  • 业主姓名(现在所住的屋主姓名)
  • 每月收入(必须填写)
  • 住家与手提号码(以方便做电话访问)
  • 紧急联络人(不能与担保人同一人)

1. The application form must be clearly filled with the following required particulars.
(Application form can be download here)

Applicant must be Malaysian Chinese of age between 18 to 45 years old.

  • Current home address
  • Name of owner of premises if is rented
  • Monthly Income
  • Telephone number both house and mobile phones for easy contact and telephone interview.
  • Emergency contact number (should not be a guarantor)


2. 贷款用途:

  • 生意资料要明确列出,以方便审核工作。
  • 贷款用途(列如:有关电子商务的创业或扩充生意)
  • 已开始经营网络生意者,请提供网页资料。
    (列如: 面子书、微信、Instagram或其它)

2. The purpose of the loan:

  • Type of business must be clearly described in order to speed up the processing.
  • Purpose of loan (examples: For business expansion or to start up new online business)
  • For whoever already have running their website please do include Webpage Information
    (Example: Facebook, WeChat, Instagram and etc.)


3. 担保人:

  • 担保人完整的资料。
  • 最新3个月薪水单,或生意注册(SSM)。
  • 最新3个月银行月结单(公司/个人)
  • 最新Form J/Form BE/Form B and EPF 副本,如有。
  • 担保人的年龄须介于18岁-55岁。(申请者的亲属优先)

3. Guarantor:

  • Particulars of guarantor.
  • Latest 3 Months Income statements or SSM (existing business).
  • Latest 3 Months Bank Statements (Company / Personal)
  • Latest Form J/Form BE/Form B and EPF statement (if applicable)
  • Age of guarantor must be between 18 to 55 years old. (Preferably applicant own relatives)


4. 申请者务必提供正确的资料并在申请表格后页签名。

4. Applicant must sign on the last page of the application form and to ensure that all information provided are correct.


5. 必需附上的文件

  •  创业者,请附上简单的计划书。(可以中、英或马来文书写)
  • 近3个月购货发票单。
  • 现在住家水费和电费单(不必是申请者名字)副本。
  • 申请者及担保人的身份证副本及最新护照照片。
  • 申请者及担保人最新3个月银行月结单。
  • 申请者及担保人EPF文件及最新3个月薪水单。或
  • 生意注册(SSM),如是经营生意者。
  • 担保人最新的Form J/Form BE or Form B。

5. Required documents to be submitted together with the application form

  • Whoever wants to start new online business must submit a simple business plan. (Can be written in Chinese, English or Malay)
  • Current 3 months purchases invoices
  • Water and Electricity Bills of current residence (not necessary to be applicant name)
  • Photocopy of National Identity Card and recent Passport Photo of applicant and guarantor
  • Latest 3 months Bank Statement for both applicant and guarantor
  • EPF statement and latest 3 months pay slip (if applicable) for both applicant and guarantor or
  • SSM (if applicant / guarantor has existing business)
  • Guarantor latest Form J/Form BE or Form B