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Application Procedures 申请程序

Application Procedures 申请程序

Clearly complete all the information in the application form (the form can be downloaded from the Foundation Network)

– Applicant: Malaysian Chinese Citizen, Age: 18-60

a) home address (home currently in residence)
b) Owner’s Name (Homeowner’s Name now)
c) Monthly income (must be filled in)
d) Home and mobile numbers (for convenient telephone access)
e) emergency contact (cannot be the same person as the guarantor)

Business information should be clearly written to facilitate auditing
Must have clear guarantor information, proof of income, age 18-60 years old, Malaysian Chinese citizen

Clubs/guilds (family names, birthplaces), chambers of commerce, societies, religious talents meet the recommended conditions
The applicant on the last page of the form is required to sign to ensure that the information provided is correct.

  1. 清楚填妥申请表格内所有资料 (表格可以上基金会网下载影印)
    – 申请者: 马来西亚女华裔公民,年龄: 18-60岁
    a) 住家地址(现在所住的家)
    b) 业主姓名(现在所住的屋主姓名)
    c) 每月收入(必须填写)
    d) 住家与手提号码(以方便做电话访问)
    e) 紧急联络人(不能与担保人同一人)
  2. 生意资料要明确写出,以方便审核工作顺利
  3. 需有清楚担保人的资料,有收入证明,年龄18-60岁,马来西亚华裔公民
  4. 会馆/公会(姓氏,籍贯),商会,社团,宗教才能为符合推荐条件
  5. 表格最后一页申请人需签名,确保所填与所给的资料属实

Applicant documents 申请人文件

  1. If the entrepreneur (have not yet started to do business), pay a plan (can be written in Chinese)
  2. Business Expansion: Business Registration (SSM) / City Council Business Licence / Rental Contract / Purchase Documents (last 3 months) / Form 49 Copy
  3. Now home water and electricity bills (not necessarily applicant’s name) a copy
  4. ID copy
  1. 如是创业者(完全还未开始做生意),交上一份计划书(可以华文书写)
  2. 扩充生意者:生意注册(SSM)/ 市议会生意执照 / 租店合同 / 买货单据(最新3个月)/ Form 49 副本
  3. 现在住家水和电单(不必是申请者名)副本
  4. 身份证副本
  5. 照片一张

Guarantor documents 担保人文件

  1. Business: Business Tax Return, Business Registration
  2. Working: payroll 3 months, personal tax return
  3. ID copy
  4. One photo
  1. 做生意的:生意报税单,生意注册
  2. 打工的:薪水单3个月,个人报税单
  3. 身份证副本
  4. 照片一张

Repayment Terms 款项与供还期和手续费及保险费

    • RM5,000 for 2 years, RM 225 per month, fees and insurance RM 120
    • RM10,000 for 3 years, RM 315 per month, fees and insurance RM 240
    • RM15,000 for 4 years, RM 365 per month, fees and insurance RM 360
    • RM20,000 for 5 years, RM 400 per month, fees and insurance RM 480
    • RM25,000 for 5 years, for RM 500 per month, fees and insurance RM 600
    • RM30,000 for 6 years, RM 520 per month, fees and insurance RM 720

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– The handling fee and insurance premium will be deducted directly from the approved amount
– If the approval will require the applicant and the guarantor to sign the contract, and the applicant must go to Hong Leong Bank to open a personal account to facilitate the transfer of funds

***When sending out forms and documents, it must be ensured and completed**

      • RM5,000供2年,每月供RM 225,手续费及保险费RM 120
      • RM10,000供3年,每月供RM 315,手续费及保险费RM 240
      • RM15,000供4年,每月供RM 365,手续费及保险费RM 360
      • RM20,000供5年,每月供RM 400,手续费及保险费RM 480
      • RM25,000供5年,每月供RM 500,手续费及保险费RM 600
      • RM30,000供6年,每月供RM 520,手续费及保险费RM 720

– 手续费及保险费将在批准的款额中一次直接扣除
– 如果批准将会要求申请人和担保人签上合同,及申请人必需去丰隆银行开办个人户口,以方便转账之用